Family Law

There are few things in life harder than having to go to family court (unless you’re being adopted). On top of the emotional turmoil, you have to worry about getting the bills paid, moving, and figuring out where the kids are going to stay; you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure your rights are protected on top of that. And that’s why I’m here. Whether you’re facing divorce, paternity, being abused, or being accused of abuse, I’ll make sure your interests are protected so that you can focus on life.

I also do prenuptial agreements.

Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can have serious ramifications for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t serve time, it can drastically reduce your access to jobs, scholarships and other opportunities. If you are in trouble with the law, I’m not here to judge you; I’m here to help you get the best legal result you can. Having been a prosecutor, I know the criminal system inside and out. Not only have I litigated from both sides; I’ve also spent years teaching police officers and other agents on legal matters. I would love to put my years of experience to work for you.

Wills and Trusts

Death is something we all face. Getting your legal affairs in order will make sure your loved ones are taken care of when you aren’t there anymore. After all, a will is not only about the money. Who will be the guardian of your child(ren)? Who can you trust with access to your assets? What happens when people die “in the wrong order?” If you leave minor children behind, when should they get your estate? In addition to having a will, a trust can be a useful tool for smoothing the transition of your assets, or providing for asset management for minor or disabled family members. If you don’t yet have a plan in place for managing your estate, we should talk.


As an attorney, I know how to establish corporations and other entities, protect secrets, obtain copyrights, and draft, negotiate and interpret contracts. And as a small businessman myself, I appreciate the importance of keeping costs down. If you have a small business, I can provide affordable assistance, whether you’re just getting started or have found yourself caught up in a dispute.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile law includes cases where minors are charged with crimes, but most juvenile cases in Iowa are “CINA” cases in which the Iowa Department of Human Services petitions a court to remove children from their caretakers – usually their parents. This is obviously a confusing and frightening time for most parents, and they need someone with experience on their side. I have worked with the IDHS on hundreds of cases. I know when to work with them and when to stand up to them. If your children are removed from your care, I will give you the guidance and the representation you need to get them back in your home as quickly as possible.