March 26

Now Practicing Federally!

After 11 years of standing up for people’s rights in the courts of the State of Iowa, it was an honor to be sworn in this week to the Federal Court of The Southern District of Iowa. I look forward to now representing even more of those who need help in the Federal Jurisdiction.

October 14


I got a charge of child endangerment thrown out this morning. Out of respect for my client’s privacy, I can’t say more, but when the State saw I was serious, they folded.

September 18


A domestic charge against one of my clients was recently thrown out. The prosecution gave up when they saw the witnesses I had lined up.

March 18


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an acquittal; when your client has just been given a second chance because of you. I got a charge thrown out today when the the State didn’t prove its case. I went home tonight knowing I fought and won for my client, and I would fight just as hard for you!