January 26

Assault charge thrown out

A charge of assault against my client was dismissed after I pushed it to trial. Now my client has a huge monkey of his back and can move on the next thing: getting his job back!

December 9

Burglary charge dismissed

A charge against my client of Burglary — Second Degree was dismissed at the preliminary stage this week when I brought the court’s attention to the lack of any proof that he entered the structure.

December 9

CINA defeated!

It’s never easy going against DHS, but they aren’t invincible. Today they backed down from accusing my client of abusing his daughter when they saw the amount of evidence I had lined up. If you’re willing to do your homework, CINAs can be stopped.

November 29

Termination of Parental Rights Averted!

I just got back from a juvenile hearing. My client had struggled a great deal throughout DHS’s involvement. After a year, the GAL was calling for termination of his parental rights. After a fight that went on all morning, the judge gave my client 45 more days to show he can clean up. A lot of lawyers say you’ll never win a TPR hearing, but I sure didn’t lose that one!