August 22

Another day, another No Contact Order thrown out

After a tough battle yesterday, I took a huge monkey off my client’s back. His ex-wife had filed for a protective order because she didn’t like the shared custody arrangement that resulted from their divorce. Worse, the order forbade my client from even contacting his daughters. It took a lot of homework, but with a string of texts, I was able to persuade the court that the no contact order was baseless. My client was ecstatic, and he called his girls right away.

July 7

Tears of joy in the court room

It had been awhile since I’d gotten a hug from a client who was weeping with joy. But that changed today when I persuaded a judge to terminate the parental rights of my client’s abusive ex-boyfriend. She was very relieved when it was over and her parents were also ecstatic that their granddaughter would be protected. Today was a good day.

July 1

Accusations of fraud defeated

I spent a day in trial last week defending a civil law suit where my client was being accused by her mother’s ex of forging his signature. If we had lost she would have been on the hook for $15,000. Fortunately, the Court agreed with me that there was no proof she had ever touched the contract, and she won’t have to worry about paying off a judgement. I would fight just as hard for you.

March 23

OWI dismissed

I got yet another OWI thrown out this morning. The State had a pseudo scientist (called a D.R.E.) lined up to testify, but they folded when they saw I had an actual doctor.