October 14


I got a charge of child endangerment thrown out this morning. Out of respect for my client’s privacy, I can’t say more, but when the State saw I was serious, they folded.

September 18


A domestic charge against one of my clients was recently thrown out. The prosecution gave up when they saw the witnesses I had lined up.

March 18


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an acquittal; when your client has just been given a second chance because of you. I got a charge thrown out today when the the State didn’t prove its case. I went home tonight knowing I fought and won for my client, and I would fight just as hard for you!

March 4


I got a burglary charge thrown out this morning when I brought it to the attention of the State that the alleged “victim” had given my client permission to be in the house. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little detective work — and how many people don’t do it.